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Wim and his 'girls'

Born September 19th 1954 in Eindhoven, he attended college, followed by a training in physical analysis in Utrecht, He studied biology and envirenmont at the university of Utrecht. Topics such as genetics, soil study, toxicology, etc were his favourites of course.
This is where his challege started to prove that organic farming at big scale can work.

In 1979 his studies finished and he took off to France with Marianca.
He spent three years working as stagiaires, which included years of exchanges with neighbours and a great amount of personal study in specialised and professional journals All this is background to what he is today - an experienced organic farmer with a considerable acreage of vegetables; a growing Frisian horse stable; manager of a distribution society 'Biogaronne' and the creator of the quality mark 'Coté Sud'.:

As an eternal student, he is studying horse insemination.


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