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Originally Dutch, the Vlemmings have been in France since 1979, first in Montpezat d'Agenais as stagiaires(trainees), then in Bazens and Clermont-Dessous where they brought back to life abandoned farms. This involved years of pioneering and lots of energy!

In 1988 they decided to sttle in Sainte Livrade sur Lot. For the third time, they restored and renovated buildings and farmfields over a period of more than ten years - all this being made possible by hard work, good crops and therefor boundless supplies of water from the river Lot !!

Today, the Vlemmings have an organic farm business with 15ha land: 2 ha of geenhouses, 9 ha of pastrure for the horses and 3.5 ha for other vegetables.

"We have great pleasure in sharing with our guests and visitors all our knowlegde and experience concerning our methods of organic cultivation and the upkeep and maintenace of our horses !!! "