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Dhr. van de Wiel: carpe caught in September 2007










Mr. Meys : bite in May 2008.

"I was happy fishing and my wife and the dogs were very happy with the garden and the area ...!"








Frits Koops: carpe in June 2008. He fishes with two mates and the women visit the whole area!

Booking for 2009 is already done!!








Mr Quint: Carpe in July 2008. For the 5th year, as leaving : "This were holidays to dream of for a long time ...! "

He already booked untill 2010!

His wife and the dogs enjoy visiting the bastides and the brocantes ...






Mr. van de Wiel

1m62, in September 2008.

23 ! others were too big to get into the boat ...







Family Minneboo: the bigger they are, the happier he is !

2007, 2008 , 2009, ...



holiday homes and fishing

Mr. Weddepohl in the rowboat in April 2008

Lalosse >


A super pontoon and a rowboat can be used free for fishing


grandes Rives >

. carpe 28 kg, May 2004

You can buy your fish permit at the local fishing shop. .

There are more fish shops in the area, one local and another one near a big shopping center, the saler speaks a little bit English and he knows a lot of carpe fishing.

There is booklet available in French with everything about fishing in the river Lot.

nice regular company ...