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Born August 30th, 1955 in Rotterdam, she studied at teacher training college and in June 7th, 1979 she gained her diploma (as a saveguard against unemployment) before her departure to France. She had met Guillaume (Wim) in 1976, and they left Holland to realise their plans to start an organic farm in France.

Marianca has been in France since 1979.
After working organic markets in Bordeaux and Villeneuve for 10 years, today she is busy with their three children, Cédric(1986), Anouck(1988) and Ayla(1992). Her duties include: accounting and administration of the farm; managing the two holidayhomes, and she teaches English in a primary school.

No time to be bored, she organises this internet site at the MJC of Sainte Livrade sur Lot.