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Born January 24th 1986 in Marmande he spent
5 years of circusschool
4 years mountainbiking he was departmental and regional champion with the sport-section of his 'Lycée Agricole', and he was involved with a variaty of other activities.

Taking advantage of his bilingualism (he participated in workshops at Bordeaux airport and the regional French television FR3), he had many summerjobs working with tourists.He spent one summer holiday in Canada as a gardener.
After his BAC at Lycée Agricole Etienne Restas, he went onto the ETPA, a school for photography in Toulouse, from where he graduated in 2008. Whilst there, he spent his summerholidays specialising in equestrian photography by working for a Dutch press agency Jacob Melissen.

Since April 2008 he has covered international equestrian competitions for World Cup onstacle jumping and dresage, the Global Champions Tour and the Samsung Super League. Thes have taken place all over the world: 's Hertogenbosch, Qatar, Estoril, Barcelone, ... You can view his pictures on: www.jmint.eu

Sports organisations and sports men and women are passionate about the quality of his technical skills and his fresh perspective...

Whatever you want - be it horses, MotorCross, but also portraits, reporting - this allround photographer offers you his services with pleasure.